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Creating a new world

To create a new world, first tap on the icon in the upper right of your screen.

Home Screen Icon

Then tap on the "Create New World" button.

Create New World

Next select "Empty World" or "Default World". "Empty World" will give you a blank canvas while "Default World" will provide you with a starting point for building.

New World Options

World Editor

This is the World Editor. You can navigate by dragging with two fingers on the screen to move the camera. You can also rotate (using the swivel gesture), and zoom (using the pinch gesture).

World Editor

Above is a screenshot of the World Editor, with a few key areas highlighted.

  1. BACK exit the World Editor, discarding any unsaved changes.
  2. HELP open this SCS Guide and Reference information inside the SCS app.
  3. UNDO / REDO undo (or redo) any recent changes.
  4. TOOL BAR activate the following tools, from top to bottom: 1) Select; 2) Rotate; 3) Add; 4) Remove
  5. TOOL CONFIGURATION configure how each of the tools in the tool bar functions.
  6. SNAPSHOT BUTTON take and save a snapshot of your world in build view.
  7. AVATAR CUSTOMIZATION change your avatar and customize how it looks and moves; create and save outfits that can be used to customize NPCs in your worlds.
  8. INVENTORY select entities to add (press the search button on the left to view the full catalog of available entities.)
  9. PUBLISH publish a new version of your world.
  10. TEST load your world in "Test Mode" where you can play through the world to test things before publishing.

You may have noticed the SETTINGS button between (1) and (2) was not included please ignore it for now, as it still needs work.

Working with entities

Objects in the world are called entities. Space in the world is divided into units of volume called Voxels. A voxel can only contain one entity. Tap on an entity to select it this will open the selection menu. When selected, an entity can be moved by dragging it, or rotated by tapping the rotate button in the selection menu.

Selection Menu

Above is a screenshot of the selection menu, which includes:

  1. ROTATE rotates the selected entity.
  2. REMOVE deletes the selected entity.
  3. CONFIGURE opens the configuration panel.
  4. HACK opens the Lua Editor.
  5. COORDINATES shows the position of the entity, in x,y,z format. The coordinate can be copied to the clipboad by tapping on it. Note that the middle coordinate is the vertical position of the entity.

Next, we'll take a look at how to HACK an entity.